CA's shared services alliance.

CA works to innovate change by modeling and replicating best practice services.

Goal: By sharing these services, organizations can reduce their administrative costs, create efficiencies and spend more time focusing on what they do best-their mission and services.   We help our members provide quality services in a financially sustainable way.

By joining our Shared Service Alliance, members share the costs of back–office functions like:

  • payroll
  • benefits management
  • accounting
  • financial management
  • procurement
  • IT assessments and help desk support
  • employee on-boarding

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The Virginia Early Childhood Foundation (VECF) received several grants to support the development and start-up costs of a Shared Services Alliance in Richmond.

In 2017, CA was selected as the organizational Hub and three founding members were invited to join the Alliance: Church Hill Activities and Tutoring (CHAT), FRIENDS Association for Children (FRIENDS), and St. James’s Children’s Center (SJCC).

RASA has implemented a software solution that enables each partner site to achieve new levels of efficiency in performing administrative tasks and allows the Hub, CA, to access data monitor business metrics to further drive efficiencies in support of a sustainable business model.

Learn more about how RASA has impacted Saint James’s Children’s Center. 

As we move forward, CA will assume more responsibility for performing tasks such as enrollment, tuition collection, subsidy billing, and payroll management on behalf of member sites.

The current RASA partners include:

  • CA
  • Smart Beginnings
  • St. James Children’s Center

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