Diagnostic assessments, led by Dr. Norman Geller, Ph.D.

Comprehensive diagnostic assessment for children and adults for whom a diagnosis of autism or another pervasive developmental disorder is suspected.

Diagnostic Assessments is designed to provide direct services to children and their families, as well as to offer a training experience for students and practitioners. This unique service offers a comprehensive diagnostic assessment for children 18 months and older for whom a diagnosis of autism or another pervasive developmental disorder is suspected. This is led Dr. Norman Geller, PhD.,a clinical psychologist and internationally acknowledged expert in the field of autism.

The child’s parents are included as full partners in the assessment team. Community-based practitioners who are involved in the education or treatment of the child are welcome as members of the assessment team, at the invitation of the child’s parents. Nearly 300 children and families have benefited from the diagnostic service and we now see about 50 children and families per year. We welcome about 120 students and community practitioners as team participants each year with the training goal of increasing autism assessment awareness.

CA has worked collaboratively with school divisions and regional programs to develop their own internal Autism Assessment Teams.

The Gold Standard in Early Detection

  • CSB staff can be trained, equipped, and supported to immediately assess and refer families to local and regional resources
  • CA has the only ADOS-2 Trainer in Virginia and engages with CSBs throughout the state to train staff and support challenging cases

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More about our Diagnostic Assessments:
  • Our team includes speech therapist, psychologists, education specialists, nurses, parents, and occupational therapists.
  • We provide diagnostic services for children 18 months and older for whom an autism diagnosis is suspected.

  • We do this through a unique trans-disciplinary process.

Our process includes:
  • Pre-evaluation parent and caregiver surveys
  • ADOS-2 Assessment
  • Parent Interview
  • Play based speech/language and sensory/ motor assessments
We provide:
  • A diagnosis and rationale
  • A discussion of strengths and challenges for the individual child
  • Treatment recommendations
  • An initial brief summary report within 5 days
  • A comprehensive report within one month

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