Igniting potential in communities and policy

We identify gaps, build awareness, and create a vision for improving systems so that all people, regardless of socioeconomic status, ability and geographic location can be securely included in the community.


Community Organizing & Engagement

CA believes that community engagement is essential for sustaining change.  By establishing trusting relationships and creating a shared vision along with mutually beneficial goals, stakeholders have ownership of the change effort, participate in the decision making and are therefore more likely to be champions for the cause when barriers or challenges occur.

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Collaboration with State & Local Government

We believe that public is best served when there is strong collaboration with state and local government. We work with our government partners by sharing information and resources, assisting with joint strategic planning, and providing ongoing community services.

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Public Private Partnership

Through collaboration and research, we improve the lives and behavioral development practices for communities in Virginia.

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Grow with CA

Our ongoing blog series keeps readers like you informed.

Topics range from behavior health, development, groundbreaking studies, and research to guest writers, inclusion and safety practices, and internal CA developments.

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